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Passionate. Raw. Seductive. That’s how Vanessa Phoenix’ fans describe her. Vanessa’s soulful voice, laced with both tenderness and grit, will grab ahold of you and dive you deep into your delicious core. Much like a seabird spotting dinner from the sky and plunging beak first into the water, you will resurface and realize Vanessa just fed your soul exactly what it needed.

Vanessa Phoenix began as a self-described “wicked-creative” kid. Her best childhood memories are of singing, dancing, acting, writing, and directing shows in her parent's basement. Her audiences consisted of as many friends and neighbors as she could round up, and she even charged admission. “My parent’s didn’t even take a cut!”, chuckles Vanessa.

Vanessa went on to earn her B.A. in Theater and Dance at Colorado College, and then studied Vocal Performance and Songwriting at the top contemporary music school in the country, Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

After Berklee Vanessa began singing with a dance band called Souled-Out, and at which point a fan passionately proclaimed, “She’s got balls!”, over her rendition of James Brown. Her career really gained momentum in Las Vegas, where she performed regularly at the Rio Casino and became known for stopping casino patrons in their tracks.

Vanessa Phoenix is working on her debut album which has been secretly described as daringly honest and wildly passionate! The album is said to be a masterful blend of sweet and edgy, and delivers a refreshing, powerful, and life-transforming message. The album is fiercely feminine and is expected to evoke a new “Women’s Inner-Liberation!” Through her spicy original music and lyrics, and with a sultry and raspy voice, Vanessa’s relentless inner warrior battles forces that suppress female prowess, pleasure and authenticity.

Right now you can catch Vanessa out performing some spellbinding renditions of your favorite soul, blues, rock, pop, and R&B cover songs, so I suggest you feed your starving soul by checking her out at any of Los Angles’ respected music venues.

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Vanessa is currently rehearsing for her upcoming shows! She will be performing songs within the soul, rock, pop, and R&B genres.

You will definitely want to check out this sexy, empowered, female centric show.

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